WHONET Training
23 Aug
আপনি কি দক্ষিণ কোরিয়াতে পড়তে আগ্রহী?

১০০% পুরুষ এবং মহিলার শিক্ষিত দেশ দক্ষিণ কোরিয়াতে শিক্ষা খাতে সরকারি এবং বেসরকারি প্রতিষ্ঠান উভয় সমানভাবে অবদান রাখছে। উভয় খাতে সরকার অর্থ প্রদান করে, যদিও বেসরকারীর চেয়ে সরকারিতে একটু বেশি অর্থ দেওয়া হয় ...

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WHONET Training
26 June
Data Management Using WHONET and BacLink

This session will focus on the WHONET software installation, laboratory configuration, data entry, view and analysis, quality control, antibiogram development, WHO GLASS reporting, BacLink conversion ...

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01 April
Filter WHONET Organism detail

You can find the WHONET organism detail by entering the short code such as psu, xxx, eco etc. WHONET is a free desktop Windows application for the management and analysis of microbiology laboratory data.

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25 March
TB Data Analysis Using Stata

This session will teach you how to use the Stata software version 16 to do basic data analysis. By end of the session you will learn a lot about the data management, descriptive statistics and regression...

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23 December
AMR Data Analysis Using R

Conducting AMR data analysis necessitates in-depth expertise from various scientific domains, making it difficult to accomplish correctly ...

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22 December
AMR Data Analysis Using Stata

The IBM Stata software will help us to analyze the antimicrobial resistance data. We can use cross tabulation, pearson's chi-squared test, bar, pie, line, box, histogram, and regression analysis to ...

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01 December
DHIS2 Overview and Bangladesh HIS

The District Health Information Software is used in more than 60 countries around the world. DHIS is an open source software platform for reporting, analysis...

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